Yen’s Sangria! Highly antioxidant. Thirst quencher. Energizing and rejuvenating!

19 Jul

Defy age, and stay fit and fabulous from the inside and out with My special cocktail sober drink using Splash and ETERNITY!!! My non alcoholic Sangria cocktail is a highly antioxidant sober drink!!!! I used Sisel’s SPLASH and Sise’s ETERNITY to make it a rejuvenating, highly antioxidant sober drink! If you like wine you will love my Sangria!

SPLASH has Resveratrol (found in red wine and red grapes), is a super antioxidant, which fights many diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and much much more! It also has electrolytes, which rejuvenates and hydrates the body especially during hot weather, since we sweat more, and get dehydrated.

In my Sangria drink i also used Sisel’s ETERNITY! Another antioxidant and anti-aging liquid supplement.

I decided to get creative with these 2 delicious liquid supplements, so i made you a Sangria type cocktail drink. Dominican inspired!

Yen’s Sangria: what i used and what you’ll need: Eternity. Splash. Bing cherries (dark red almost purple in color). Rainier cherries (almost yellow in color with pink). Melon and oranges.

Cut some melon inImage small pieces, slice an orange (use a couple of slices or more to your liking), cut the cherry skin off the the seeds, then add to a glass with ice, and add Eternity and Splash and done! It’s sooooo good! My body and mind felt so refreshed and energized after drinking it! I actually got some work done today!

I am going to have to buy these Sisel International liquid supplements by the case, so i can keep mixing it to my sober cocktail drinks! It’s highly addicting, and oh so good for you!

I love the Sisel International products so much that i decided to write mini articles on them to share with you all how i am using their products and supplements! If you care about being healthy, losing weight, staying in shape and on feeling your best, then you’ll want to get their supplements and other products! I will keep blogging about the ones i am currently taking!

Who needs botox when you can preserve yourself naturally?! I like to keep my skin and my health in its best shape ever naturally! And i can proudly say that at my age i am looking fit and fabulous naturally!  Don’t you want to preserve what you got instead of getting treatments later on? Of course! Save your skin, save your health, and save your $$$ by eating right and training smart, and WITH ME!!! Night night. Yadira Yen:-)


One Response to “Yen’s Sangria! Highly antioxidant. Thirst quencher. Energizing and rejuvenating!”

  1. Felix Demonte Rumah July 19, 2012 at 9:40 pm #

    On a hot summers day this is a perfect drink served chilled. Who would have imagined a healthy drink could taste so good. I’m sticking to this from now on. I won’t be buying health drinks from the store. Home made is always better.

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