Want to be Fit and Fabulous?! With SISELEAN you can!

19 Jul

ImageI made the best tasting protein shake using SiseLean protein powder, which is part of the Sisel International’s FIT & FABULOUS Weight Loss System! And it is sooo creamy and delicious! And if you have soy allergies don’t worry! It has no soy!

SiseLean protein shake is low in calories, sugar, carbs, and sodium. And it taste delicious without that nasty artificial after taste, which most protein powder mixes leave in your mouth!

Here is how i made mine today! I used 4 ice cubes, almond milk, xylitol sugar(1 tsp), and blended for 1 minute using my Magic Bullet blender.  

And since i had just finished a hard day lifting at the gym i added melted chocolate syrup to it!!!! Sugar after working out is actually good for you. It helps your body heal! Want to know more? Ask and i shall tell you! 

Anyhow the SiseLean shake tastes delicious with or without any add ones…Just add water to it and drink up! It does a body good.

You can get this delicious protein powder from my own Sisel web site! it is http://www.yenfit.mysiselpro.com! It should be up tomorrow!!! You have to try it, because it is the best. And i only settle for the best!!! Yadira Yen:-)

And if you want to get in shape, or help others get in shape, then you need to jump on the Sisel International products wagon now! I will share more info with you tomorrow.

I am soooo tired right now. I missed the gym again, because i have so much work to do, and not enough time during the day to do it all. Ayayayayay!   


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