YEN’S SPICY AND CRUNCHY GUACAMOLE DIP! A super Avocado mix of raw super foods to help you stay fit and healthy inside and out!

14 Jul

Avocados are one of the best food staples anyone should eat every day in their lives if they could. If you are trying to lose weight, burn fat naturally, stave off hunger, defy age and fight free radicals, then you should try my guacamole dip recipe, because it is full of nutrients, which can help you stay young, healthy and vibrant from the inside and out! 

  My Guacamole Dip is one powerful mini dish, which will jump start your weight loss fitness goals from day one! The body needs good fat to burn fat! 

Yen’s Guacamole recipe. What you will need: Avocados (one or two depending on it’s size, and for how many people?). Red Onions. Celery. Cayenne pepper. Sea salt. Olive Oil. Lemon juice.

Mash Avocado in a dish or bowl. Chop onions and celery into small pieces. Add onions and celery to mashed avocados, add lemon juice, Olive oil, cayenne pepper, and sea salt to taste! Don’t over do it with the olive oil nor the cayenne pepper or salt! A tsp or tbs of Olive oil should be good enough. The rest is up to your taste buds. Buen apetito:-)

Health benefits of Avocados: Contain healthy monounsaturated fats. It’s fat burning!!!! Reduce heart disease, rich in Vitamin E, which keeps the heart healthy, and is needed for burning fat! all day long! Vitamins C & E reduce inflammation! Helps absorb nutrients from other foods. Lowers cholesterol, reduces the sign of aging (oh yeah baby!!!), and regulates blood sugar! Wow! Eat more avocados and become a healthy force to be reckon with! I eat one almost every day!

Health benefits of red onions: The sulfur compounds in red onions help reduce heart disease, and reduces the risk of neck and head cancer! Highly antioxidant, fights free radicals, is anti-inflammatory, helps with allergies, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, promotes cardiovascular health, reduces high blood pressure, and prevents the cold sore virus from surfacing! Yikes! But good for you if you suffer from cold sores! Ayayayayayay….. 

Health benefits of celery: Contains Vitamin C (acts as a diuretic! Flushes out excess fluids from the body), is anti-inflammatory, , lowers blood pressure, and has very few calories. It’s considerded a ‘negative’ calorie food!

Remember that good fat burns fat! So please do not eat a fat free diet! You won’t be healthy nor fit! Your skin will suffer (age!), so will your heart! Be smart and eat right by eating foods high in nutrients good for your body and soul. All the best! Yadira Yen aka Yenny Polanco! Image 






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