The Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

15 Feb

Breakfast waffle sandwich by Yenny.

The original “Breakfast Waffle Sandwich” By Y. P.

I’ve been making the breakfast waffle sandwich for about 3 years. Now Dunkin Donuts (D.D.) offers its own version. I knew this was a great recipe and thought that one day it would become famous. I just didn’t think that D.D. would beat me to it!

But guess what? My BWS is the healthiest ever, yet still tastes great. Dunkin Donuts might have its own waffle sandwich, but if you are into living a healthy lifestyle as I am, then you’ll love my BWS healthy version! It is a much “cleaner” sandwich than D.D.’s

The Yenny-licious BWS is the real deal.


All natural Van’s waffles: (wheat free, gluten free, and dairy free)

All natural cage free eggs: use 3-6 depending on your protein intake.  But 3 egg whites should do just fine per person.

Wilshire brand turkey bacon (my favorite), or any all natural types of turkey bacon, since they are 95-97% fat free!…and free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

Blue Agave syrup: It is delicious and my favorite low glycemic syrup to use.

Soya Kaas Soy cheese: The best tasting soy cheese ever out there!  But if you choose to go with dairy, then buy 2% singles.

Prep: Beat eggs in a bowl, heat  a small (8″) non-stick frying pan on low to medium heat.

Add turkey bacon, and cook to taste. Should only take about a minute or so.

Or microwave your turkey bacon for faster service.

Meanwhile, toast your waffles to desired texture.

Remove tb from frying pan and add egg whites.  It’ll fluff up in a matter of seconds.  Then flip it over.  Add sea salt, cheese, and tb.  Fold into an omelet.

Add syrup to waffles, then add the eggs on top.  Add more syrup if desired.


Yenny 🙂


One Response to “The Breakfast Waffle Sandwich”

  1. Felix Demonte Rumah July 19, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    There is nothing better than starting your day with a delicious breakfast like this. Also to know that it is all gluten free, dairy free and chemical free is assuring that you can eat healthy food that tastes as good as it looks. This is great!

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