A Super Popeye Bison meal! Fat burning. Muscle building. Healthy and satiating.

21 Jul

A Yenny-Licious ground Bison meal to satisfy your taste buds while helping you lose weight, build muscle, get lean and be healthy from the inside and out!

Good fat burns fat! Fat free makes you fat! You need “healthy fats” in your diet to stay satiated, burn fat, have sustain   energy, reduce body inflammation, lower cholesterol, and so much more!!! This super meal is full of nutrients; lean protein, healthy fats and rich nutrients from the Avocado, veggies and red onions, which fight free radicals….ImageThere are no whole grain carbs in this meal. Only citrus carbs from the veggies. This is a meal, which is best for non lifting days, inactive days, and for when you are trying to get lean and ripped asap!!! Doing it the healthy way, and the natural way without taking fat burners! I am proud to say that i never rely nor take fat burners when training for a contest, or ever!

The foods i eat turn my body into a fat burning machine. And if you’ve seen my contests pics, then you will see that one does not need fat burners to get lean and ripped, or lose weight, etc..I am the proof of it! I do it the right way and the healthy way!

So here is the real deal on this meal: You’ll need all natural ground bison, bell peppers (your choice of colors!), Pam spray, red onions, almond oil, sea salt, cayenne pepper (if you want it a bit spicy. Cayenne pepper burns fat too, which is why i use it a lot!), garlic powder, paprika (for color), and an Avocado (size/quantity depends on how many you are making this meal for).

Get your frying pan out, turn on the stove and put on high, spray frying pan with Pam spray, add Almond oil (1-2 table spoon), add chopped veggies(i cut mine vertically), onions and the seasoning i mentioned above. lower heat to medium setting after a minute. Now add ground Bison, and stir. It will be done in 5 minutes or less! Bison is very low in fat and cooks fast!

When food is ready transfer it unto a plate from frying pan, add sliced avocados, add some lemon oil and a bit of sea salt to it to, and done! Buen apetito!

I am training to compete in Figure soon, and this is part of my contest diet. I do not follow so called ‘body builders diet’, which are so ordinary and so bland! And guess what? I always end  up just as lean and hard as most if not more! Go figure! Learn from the best or settle for less. Enjoy! Yadira Yen!

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